Circulus B.V. – from waste stream to raw materials

Circulus produces circular products, which are made from plastic and biomass waste streams. The company uses waste streams that would otherwise be burned that have a low energy yield as a result. The use of virgin materials is avoided by using these types of waste streams which have a positive environmental impact.

Specifically roadside grass is used as a biomass waste stream. This waste stream is readily available and has a low application value because it is destined for composting which results in CO2 emissions. Disposal of roadside grass is a financial burden for municipalities in the Netherlands. The other waste stream that Circulus uses is plastic that is destined for waste incineration and is too polluted for recycling.


Every metric ton of bio composite products carbon captures 1,8 tons of CO2

Circulus B. V.

Roadside grass and plastic waste as raw materials

Circulus has done extensive tests particularly with the combination grass fibres and plastic waste streams to produce different types of products that have improved product characteristics. Think about reflector poles, picknick sets, light poles, plant bins and so on.

The company has their own commercial production facility and is working on perfecting their manufacturing process and adding new types of bio composite products to their portfolio. The main focus for the coming years is to work with governments and companies to produce bio composite products for specific application with new production facilities on strategic locations.

Together with the client, it is determined which waste streams should be used to make biobased products that are 100% recyclable. In this way, multiple chains and waste streams are closed and the products are 100% circular.