FLOOW2.Community – making B2B sharing accessible for every organisation, region and network

FLOOW2 has specialized in developing sharing marketplaces since 2012. With FLOOW2.Community bring all this experience together in 1 low-threshold tool for every organization, network, or region.With the FLOOW2.Community, you get an accessible professional sharing marketplace in your own look & feel and with all state-of-the-art FLOOW2 functionalities. In this way, large organizations can easily get started to connect branches and departments and use their own capacity more efficiently. In addition, it is helpful for business networks and regions to facilitate and stimulate the sharing of capacity between companies.


"An important step in working more circular is optimizing usage of available company capacity"

Lieke van Kerkhoven, co-founder of FLOOW2

Applicability of the FLOOW2.Community

Asset sharing is a rising solution to waste created by businesses that reduce waste outflow and reuse resources. FLOOW2 decided to become a one-stop shop for all types of organizations. Organizations from construction to agriculture to healthcare face similar waste dilemmas with their assets.

A FLOOW2.Community works in two avenues: intra-company and inter-company. Groups of organizations or networks can create their own closed sharing community to post supply or demand for a particular asset, and other companies with the desired asset can meet this need. In addition, organizations can create a private platform for asset sharing within their organization, and departments or locations can match requirements from other departments. Not just machinery, organizations share any assets, both tangible and intangible, such as services or expertise. FLOOW2.Community is perfect for universities, cities, area management, business networks, and large organizations for internal usage and market sectors.


Data regarding impact

  • FLOOW2 creates platforms for organizations in different markets, such as healthcare, pharmacies, Agri, construction and retail, and has collaborations in Canada, the United Kingdom and Denmark.
  • Among their most appealing platforms are PharmaSwap, on which pharmacists exchange medicines that are approaching the expiration date and thus prevent unnecessary destruction. Over 650 Dutch pharmacists are subscribed (>35% of the market) and have collectively saved €700.000 worth of medicines from unnecessary destruction; these medicines were issued to a patient in another pharmacy instead.
  • Another inspiring examples are the Intrakoop Sharing Platform for healthcare. All hospitals and major long-term care organizations in the Netherlands share surplus stock, furniture, equipment, facilities, and knowledge. This model has already been copied in Denmark: the Capital region redistributed goods worth over €60.000 in the first week after launching the sharing marketplace.