Studio Wae – Circular Modular Rugs

Studio Wae was founded in 2017 by Tynke van den Heuvel. Their aim is to make an impact on waste flows. They tap into urban mining waste streams (i.e. recovering raw materials from demolished buildings and old paving) and make aesthetically pleasing products from them. From this waste stream, they produce circular design concrete (for paving) and carpets.

Furthermore, as from 2019, Studio Wae started a workspace for Syrian refugees in the Netherlands. The vision of the company is to make products that have an impact on the environment and do so by providing jobs for socially challenged individuals.


'Sustainability must also be aesthetically pleasing. It should stimulate and inspire the user.'

Tynke van den Heuvel, founder

Circular City Carpet

The Circular City Carpet is a 100% circular modular rug inspired by the dutch graphic artist, MC Esher. The tiles are completely made from production waste of Tarkett and Interface and form an amazing carpet with geometrical shapes and depth. It’s no standard rectangle carpet, instead it sits organically in the room. If the outlay of the room changes, the carpet can easily change with it, as the separate tiles can be detached and clicked back together in another design.

The Material Circularity index calculated by NiBE is 93%, meaning the carpet is made from waste and can be reused and recycled easily. Studio Wae has an agreement with the producers that they take back the cutting waste and the end of life products and they recycle them into new resources again. Only production waste or urban mining waste material is used for creating the carpets. This is good for climate and CO2 reduction but also great to keep resources in the loop.

Due to Corona they have launched the “Keep a Wae between us” campaign where you can use a carpet around your desk to mark the distance to your colleagues. Wae is looking for dealers and architects in Europe to create impact with soft design.