The Blue Connection – Circular strategy simulation

The Blue Connection aims to help companies and individuals understand and experience the opportunities and obstacles of adopting circular strategies. In a nutshell, it is a simulation game challenging you and your team to transition a manufacturing company from a linear to a circular business model! Multiple tradeoffs will come up, and tough strategic decisions need to be taken. Achieving a high circularity (based on the CTI by WBCSD) and increasing return on investment can be done with different circular business strategies. This simulation requires a smart implementation of circular concepts and good teamwork. A powerful way to create engagement and to learn about circularity by doing it!


"Our track record shows that 40% of the top 100 manufacturing businesses and more than 600 universities have used or are using one of these simulations"


Milestones and Developments

At Inchainge, the motto is learning by doing and this has already provided hundreds of universities and 40% of the world’s major companies with best-in-class learning tools. Together with ING and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, a simulation game was developed that catalyzes the transition to a circular economy. Having the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a supporting institution  was a major milestone.

Over the course of 2019 The Blue Connection was launched across Europe, with Discovery Sessions taking place in major hubs, such as Milan, Helsinki, Paris, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Brussels and Utrecht. Multiple universities have already started implementing The Blue Connection into their curricula. Companies use the simulation to raise awareness, gain know-how and experience in trainings, and engage with clients.

Currently, Inchainge is working on extending the simulation with more exciting features and building a worldwide partner network, so that access to circular training and education is possible from all over the world. It is possible to become an official channel partner but there is also the option to simply use the simulation to catalyze the transition towards circularity in a company or university.