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Sustainable business in focus

Hogeschool Rotterdam | 24th of September 2019

Share your insights into the latest practical research and knowledge on sustainable business performance, the impact of SDG’s on strategy, business modelling and supply chain AND risk management and finance in the era of sustainability!

The Graduate Department of the RBS will kick-off a new academic year with an exciting event devoted to Sustainable Business and hopes to attract representatives of companies for sharing their insights.

The importance of sustainability is unquestioned for today’s businesses, organizations, education and individuals. The international master programs of the RBS are determined to give their contribution to dealing with complex questions related to business sustainability, from the perspective of entrepreneurship, finance and accounting and global supply chain.

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How to manage sustainable business in a profitable way?

Guest lecture “Sustainable Finance”

The Graduate Department of the RBS is proud to host a guest lecture on the topic of:


by Mrs. Mayke Geradts, the Vice President for Sustainable Finance of ING

Mrs. Geradts will present innovative work of ING in the area of sustainability, focused on the assessment of circular business models with the purpose of supporting sustainable and circular business initiatives and offering appropriate financing structures.

Breakout Sessions

The guest lecture will spark exciting dialogue with the professional field. We invite representatives of companies for sharing insight into the latest practical research and knowledge on the following topics:

1) Sustainable business performance;

2) Impact of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on strategy, business modeling and supply chain, and

3) Risk management and finance in the era of sustainability.

In each of these topics we plan to initiate structured dialogue and share what lecturers and master students of the Graduate Department can do to support companies in dealing with these questions. 

Do not miss out! Register for the event, learn about the latest developments and give a new boost to your company sustainable business performance.

For additional information please contact Biljana Pesalj, Research lecturer, b.pesalj@hr.nl