Circular Economy Conference

Stockholm, Sweden | 10th of October 2019

The transition to a circular economy fundamentally changes many production chains. Today, both countries and large companies are dedicated to changing their operations and flows and within the EU, circular economy is the top priority.

On October 10, Swedish companies have the opportunity to learn more about what is happening in the field right now and how it affects  operations. What does the change mean? What do the new business models look like? How will policy change?

The conference hosts several international speakers who belong to the absolute frontrunners of the circular economy. Holland Circular Hotspot Supervisory Board Member Guido Braam of Powered by Meaning will host an interactive discussion focusing on the transition to a circular economy – what does it cost to be circular?
And he will join a panel with representatives from Finland, UK and Slovenia. What are the tricks from different parts of the world for achieving a value-creating change at national level?

More information: Cirkulär ekonomi