Circular Refugee Camps Event

Microlab, Eindhoven | 21st of October 2019

The Circular Refugee Camps Event is a side event at the Dutch Design Week and has as main goal to bring together Dutch (circular) business initiatives and refugee camp experts to drive circular business opportunities around refugee camps.

So if you are interested to explore new and innovative business collaborations  and want to explore how you could have impact in and around refugee camps, join us on 21 October in Eindhoven! Registration (free) is via Eventbrite.

The event is co-organised by NLworks, University of Wageningen, RVO, Outside Inc. and The Spindle.

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More information

Why join?

❏      Learn more about challenges & opportunities in and around Refugee Camps

❏      Explore new (commercial & impactful) business opportunities

❏      Opportunity to test and validate products/services for challenges around refugee camps

❏      Explore possibilities to replicate products/services  for new impact in and around refugee camps

❏      Share your insights/experience to inspire others and help others succeed to increase their impact around refugee camps

❏      Meet other (circular) entrepreneurs/organizations

❏      The opportunity to become part of an impactful consortium (including optional testing at refugee camps)


For the kick-off event the 21st of October the organization is looking for:

Entrepreneurs & Enterprises – Do you want to explore how you could replicate/test your product/services for new impact at refugee camps and innovate/collaborate together with others to develop new integral solutions?

Experts – Do you want to share your insights/experience to inspire others and help entrepreneurs increase their impact around refugee camps?

Sponsors  – Do you want to get involved in the organization or partner with us to create impact around refugee camps?


Apply for Registration

We would be honoured to have you in the room on 21 October! Registration (free) is via Eventbrite. We have only 80 seats available and are looking for the right mix of entrepreneurs, innovators and experts (knowledge partners so please apply and wait for confirmation. If you know other (circular) organizations/entrepreneurs or refugee camp experts that would benefit from this event, please let us know so we can add them to our list of prospects! For questions or comments reach out to the organizing team.