Empowering Women in the Circular Economy

online | 14th of May 2021

Learn about the importance of women leaders in achieving a circular economy!

Go circular is hosting an online event on the role of women in a more sustainable form of economy. Besides, the conference will be led by two highly accomplished women: Annie Jiang and Melissa Histon, and Debbie O’Byrne, president of Go Circular, will be the speaker.

The increase in the number of women in business and corporate leadership positions illustrates that business success can be connected to sustainability, plus studies have revealed that women are more willing to modify their behavior for the sake of the environment. Therefore, there is no doubt that empowering women is crucial in a low-carbon, inclusive and equitable economy.

All ticket box office receipts will be raised and given to Got Your Back Sista, a Newcastle-based charity with a mission to help empower women who have survived domestic violence.

For further information and registration, here.