Lebanon | 3rd of October 2019

The 9th CSR LEBANON FORUM provides a professional platform for stakeholders from the various sectors and specialties to start deep discussions on the Circular Economy principles.

Circular Economy is of critical importance on the forum as Lebanon is currently going through a waste management dilemma, which is very high on the government agenda.

The Forum hopes to instill a new growth mindset on the national level where not only businesses are conducted more sustainably, but a collective action from the private and public sectors as well as society could yield a sustainable solution for waste and resource management, thus limiting current economic degradation.

Holland Circular Hotspot director Mr. Freek van Eijk will be one of the speakers during the event discussing ‘What is Circular Economy? How can the transition be made from a linear model? Why this is becoming an imperative? ..and where to start?’

More information about the forum: