Dutch Circular Day 2021 in Poland

November 16, 2021

The fourth edition of the Circular Week, organized by the Institute for Innovation and Responsible Development INNOWO, took place in October. The congress presented the theme: “Together for a sustainable future,” featuring 44 seminars, workshops, and conferences conducted by 12 European countries from a live event in Kakadu studio, Warsaw (Poland).

Within the venue, the Dutch Day of the Circular Week demonstrated and discussed how circular business could work, showcasing various circular enterprises in the Netherlands and Poland. This consisted of two main events: ‘Circular economy practices in manufacturing’ and ‘Towards food circularity: food waste in HoReCa,’ both taking place on 14 October 2021.


Recap on the Dutch Circular Day, during the Circular Economy Week 2021



Circular economy practices in manufacturing

Manufacturing in Europe has been shifting gears to a different level after the pandemic. It seems like a significant number of manufacturers are considering relocating their production to Europe. Poland is a serious candidate for this so-called near-shoring, arguably providing an opportunity to set up production in a more circular way.

During the event, the Netherlands and Poland presented the economic potential for using materials more efficiently, and we showcased some best practices to demonstrate how it can be done. The event was held in cooperation with the Embassy of the Netherlands.


Towards food circularity: food waste in HoReCa

The problem of food waste affects us all but especially the HoReCa sector, which grapples with tons of spoiled food every year. This event aimed to emphasize the issue of food waste and to popularise circular methods of bio-waste treatment.

During the conference, Polish and Dutch restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, and senior officials talked about circular innovations for gastronomy, threats, and opportunities arising from the implementation of the circular economy in the HoReCa sector and methods of food waste prevention. The event was held in cooperation with the Embassy of the Netherlands.