Dutch-English conversations on circular solutions in plastics, textiles and built environment!

May 25, 2021

The Netherlands and UK have much to learn from each other – and to inspire each other with – in the developments and innovations for circular solutions in plastics, textiles & fashion, and the built environment. On April 29 2021, the Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom, WRAP UK and Holland Circular Hotspot hosted ‘The Future is Circular: Strengthening Anglo-Dutch Collaboration in Circular Solutions’, an exchange of ideas focused on the opportunities and challenges in the transition towards a more circular economy. Expert speakers discussed efforts to present circular business models, share best practices and illustrate circular actions from various perspectives.


Opportunities and challenges in Circular Economy

Inspiring case studies in Plastics, Textiles and the Built Environment from both sides of the North Sea offered opportunities for continued sharing of best practices and knowledge exchange. The main challenge to accelerating the transition to a circular economy is scaling up circular business models; collaboration – at all levels – is necessary to ensure governments, businesses, and other organisations can complement and strengthen each other in the transition. Learn more about circular economy opportunities in the UK here: you will find information on the policy landscape, selected priority areas, and relevant business networks.


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Plastics session

Fashion & Textiles session

Built Environment session