Edo Offerhaus new member of the Holland Circular Hotspot Supervisory Board

June 24, 2021

Holland Circular Hotspot has welcomed Edo Offerhaus as a new member of the Supervisory Board. Edo Offerhaus replaces Erwin Dirkse, who stepped down at the end of 2020 due to the expiry of the term of office. Edo Offerhaus is entering the Supervisory Board in a phase in which the Holland Circular Hotspot foundation, founded in 2018, is making its growth from start-up to scale-up.


Holland Circular Hotspot Supervisory Board

Holland Circular Hotspot is very pleased with the arrival of Edo Offerhaus, who as Managing Director of NLinBusiness brings a lot of knowledge in the field of international business. Jacqueline Cramer (chairman of the Supervisory Board): “Edo is ideally suited to strengthen our Supervisory Board. With his international business background and his current director position at NLinBusiness, he can make a very valuable contribution in the scale-up phase of Holland Circular Hotspot.”

NLinBusiness supports entrepreneurs who want to grow internationally, whereby the organization has built up a strong network and focuses on Cities of Opporunity. The knowledge and experience of Edo Offerhaus are closely related to the mission of Holland Circular Hotspot. Edo Offerhaus about his membership: “The need to switch from a linear to a circular demand requires a lot of effort and attention, but also provides attractive export and internationalization opportunities. I experience this every day in my contacts with foreign entrepreneurs and governments. In many areas this is a source of inspiration for other countries. It is great that Holland Circular Hotspot is advocating for this and I am honored that I can play a role in this.”

In addition to Edo Offerhaus, the Supervisory Board consists of chair Jacqueline Cramer (Utrecht University), Guido Braam (C-Creators), Louise Vet (NIOO-KNAW), Ton van der Giessen (BRBS Recycling) and Fred van Beuningen (Clean Tech Delta) .