Open call for host country: European Circular Hotspot Event 2025!

May 15, 2023

The European Circular Economy Hotspot community has launched an open call to find a host country for the 2025 edition of the event in Europe. Governments and organizations from across Europe are invited to apply until May 22nd, 2023, to showcase their exceptional local circular practices, innovative business models, and progressive regional and national policies.

The event provides a platform for participants to inspire and learn from one another, co-host the annual hotspot event in Europe in 2025 and their counterparts from Africa, the Americas, and worldwide come together to drive sustainable change.

**Open calls for other regions and continents will open later this year.**

Apply now, here!!


Are you ready to host the next European Circular Economy Hotspot 2025?

The European edition of the Circular Hotspot Event 2023, co-hosted by Dublin Circular Hotspot, seeks a host country to continue spreading the hotspot event in Europe and inspire participants worldwide.

By hosting the European Circular Hotspot event in 2025, the chosen country will be privileged to showcase its achievements and contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

This is a fantastic opportunity for governments and organizations to showcase their country’s contributions towards a circular economy and to be a part of a global community committed to creating a more sustainable future.

The event was previously hosted in the Netherlands, Scotland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Catalonia, and Nord Rhine Westphalia, and this year it will be hosted in Dublin (Europe), Lagos (Africa), and Chile (Latin America).

How will the host country be selected?

On May 29th, 2023, candidates for the European Circular Economy Hotspot 2025 host will present their case to former, current, and future CE Hotspot organizers, giving each candidate 10 minutes to make their case. The selected host country will have the opportunity to showcase their country’s contributions to the transition towards a circular economy by putting together a program highlighting their local circular practices, innovative business models, industrial solutions, and progressive policies.

The jury’s decision will be announced on the same day during the opening ceremony of Dublin’s circular economy hotspot celebration.

**The deadline for applications is May 22nd, 2023**