Request for Information: Environmentally-friendly alternatives for disposable utensils at ministries in Israel

December 07, 2020

The Government Procurement Administration in Israel has appealed to the public to obtain information about current and future environmentally-friendly alternatives to the use of disposable utensils. This RFI (request for information) follows the efforts of the inter-ministerial Green Procurement Forum, chaired by the Office of the Accountant General and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, which, over the past year, has been discussing ways to implement environmental criteria in government tenders.

Contact Shira Ohayaon (Israeli government) before December 10th!

More information:
Contact person at the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Israel: Jan Franke


Background information

Ministries and their authorized units use disposable utensils for eating and drinking by employees and guests. Government buildings with kitchens and cafeteria also frequently serve meals with disposable utensils, including trays. A review by the Government Procurement Administration found that the global private market has alternatives to disposable utensils, which are more environmentally friendly across a range of aspects. These alternatives use, among other things, new business and logistics models or special raw materials.


Opportunities for collaboration between The Netherlands and Israel

Within Israeli politics, central government, local authorities, companies, knowledge institutions and civil society organizations, there is increasing awareness and action regarding themes such as climate and sustainability. This is expressed, among other things, in the drawing up of an industry-oriented National Action Plan for Circular Economy by the Ministry of Economy in collaboration with other relevant ministries (including Housing, Environment and FIN) and in consultation with the business community. This plan will also serve to implement the Climate Strategy towards 2050 in progress. The Netherlands is the main reference country for Israel when it comes to circular economy. For example, the Israeli Ministry of Economy drew extensive inspiration for the plan from the Government-wide circular economy program dated 14 Sept 2016.