The North and Central America Circular Economy Hotspot 2025 to be Hosted by Mexico

June 25, 2024

Against the backdrop of the first Circular Economy Hotspot event ever in North America, Mexico has been selected to host the highly anticipated Circular Economy Hotspot 2025. As a result, Mexico will now join the ranks of distinguished countries and regions such as the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Scotland, Belgium, Catalonia, Nord Rhine Westphalia, Dublin, Lagos, Chile, and Canada, putting their country on the global circular stage in 2025. 


“We will leverage the impulse of Circular Economy in Mexico to start a national movement and engage with international practices with the objective to create regionally embedded business opportunities based on CE principles” 

Alejandra Sánchez, co-organizer of the Mexico Circular Hotspot event

Setting the Stage for the North/Central American Hotspot Event 2025

According to the Jury for the 2025 North/Central America Hotspot Event, the decision to hold the Circular Economy Hotspot 2025 in Mexico makes much sense. Nancy Fuentes Morales, from the Universidad Mayor in Chile and Jury member representing 2023 host of the Santiago Circular Hotspot sees the organizers bring in vast experience in Circular Economy and organizing similar events and have the passion and drive to make it a success. Vesna Lavtizar, University of Maribor in Slovenia representing the upcoming 2025 European Hotspot Event sees opportunity in the cultural approach proposed: “By linking the event to a region and its cultural heritage and tradition, this event could spark a circular movement.”  


Since its inception in 2016, the Circular Economy Hotspot events have become an annual highlight, now on four continents. The recent jury, comprised of four CE Hotspot event organizers, was overjoyed by Mexico’s interest in hosting the North and Central America CE Hotspot 2025. 


“There is momentum in Mexico. The National Circular Economy legislation was launched in 2021, and local states, like Jalisco, have recently launched circular economy plans. International corporates are deploying local strategies related to CE, such as Walmart, Heineken, L’Oréal, Nestlé, and others,” said Colin Isaacs, Canada Circular Hotspot and host of the Circular Showcase 2024 event in Guelph.


The Mexican events will showcase the host countries’ circular activities, sharing best business practices, policies, and approaches, and will bring public, private, knowledge, and civil society stakeholders together to spark concrete initiatives. “Mexico is a well-connected manufacturing hub, especially in automotive, electronics, and textile, and has a diverse industry with international corporations and local industries. A circular approach can make a huge difference,” according to Freek van Eijk, Holland Circular Hotspot.

“There is momentum in Mexico as the National Circular Economy legislation was launched in 2021, and local states, like Jalisco, have recently launched circular economy plans"

Colin Isaacs, Canada Circular Hotspot and host Circular Showcase 2024 in Guelph

Stay tuned for updates on the 2024 Hotspot editions!

In the meantime, we invite everyone to follow the CE Hotspots news for this year’s upcoming CE Hotspot events in the coming months. Wales, South Africa, and Brazil will host these inspiring and transformative events. In 2025, the CE Hotspot events will be held on at least four continents, of which Slovenia, Ethiopia, and now Mexico have already been confirmed.