Will you host the 2024 Circular Economy Hotspot Event?

September 05, 2022

The call for the 2024 Circular Economy Hotspot event host is open to parties that are ambitious to organize this edition. Parties interested in continuing the successful history of organizing the seminal and international format of circular economy exchange can still apply. As the event host, you can put your country on the map and organize an international exchange of knowledge and inspiration.

For the first time in the history of the Circular Economy Hotspot, the 2023 edition will have multiple hosts and go beyond Europe! This should also be the direction for 2024, so there is an open call for applications. Send your expression of interest in hosting one of the Circular Economy Hotspots in 2024 to the organization of the Circular Economy Hotspot 2022 and stay updated about the process. (Go to this page and scroll down to find the application form.)


Passing the baton from Germany, to Ireland, Nigeria, and Chile, and over to the 2024 host

From September 12 to 14, 2022, the 6th edition of the Circular Economy Hotspot event takes place in Bottrop, Germany. The City of Bottrop, in cooperation with the project “Prosperkolleg – Circular Economy“, will offer a varied programme on the topic of circular economy, supported by the regional Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy and under the patronage of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Ms Mona Neubaur. Public representatives and cross-sector companies from all over the world will come together to dive into the topics of circular economy, conservation of resources and efficiency enhancement. This will be highlighted and presented in the form of practical examples, workshops and panel discussions, and of course, the 2024 Circular Economy Hotspot host will be announced.

How did the yearly Circular Economy Hotspot event start?

The Netherlands initiated the Circular Hotspot event in 2016. They showcased the country’s circular activities, from government policies to best business practices, with the intention of inspiring circular economy actions around the world. Since 2016, the Circular Economy Hotspot has been hosted as an annual summit, inviting world-renowned experts and delegates from business, politics, science and public initiatives of the trade of circular economy. During the event days, the top subjects are the circular economy, conservation of resources and efficiency enhancement. Since then, the baton has been passed on annually across Europe to the government of Luxembourg (2017), Zero Waste Scotland (2018), and the host from Catalonia, Spain (2020/21). This year, the 6th edition of the Circular Economy Hotspot will be held in North Rhine- Westphalia (from 12th to 14th September).

Last year in Spain, the jury decided to expand the Hotspot event abroad in Europe to a worldwide scope. The jury decided to have the 2023 edition in Ireland, Nigeria, and Chile. “There is a unique momentum for circular economy developments in every continent.” Freek van Eijk said. The winners have a huge but rewarding responsibility to carry forward the circular movement in their respective regions. This ground-breaking jury decision to host the 2023 event on three continents supports the global goal to accelerate the transition to a CE. After 2023, each continent will continue this tradition and host a yearly CE Hotspot event locally.

“Holland Circular Hotspot is incredibly proud and humbled to see that it is now developing into a series of global events at a time when the world needs it most”, Director of Holland Circular Hotspot Freek van Eijk.

Host the 2024 Circular Economy Hotspot event!

Are you interested in hosting the event?

Express your interest in hosting one of the Circular Economy Hotspots in 2024 via the contact form here. At this stage, you need to express your interest in participating and prepare a small pitch on why and how you would like to host the event. More information on the process will follow.