International Circular Economy (CE) support by Holland Circular Hotspot

Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) is a public-private partnership consisting of the business community, knowledge institutions and governments with the aim to:

  • Create and strengthen CE export and investment opportunities for the business community;
  • Realise international exchange of CE knowledge and innovation.

HCH has the ambition to contribute to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals through the implementation of circular economy in an international way. To realise this ambition, HCH promotes the international deployment of Dutch knowledge, technology, products and services in the area of inclusive circular economy involving  people, planet and profit.

HCH will be the linking pin between the (many) platforms and initiatives that already exist in the CE area. The results of HCH can be measured by realising international assignments for business, international CE projects for knowledge institutions and through international partnerships on the implementation of CE.

HCH operates demand-driven, based on the needs of affiliated companies and knowledge institutes, and achieves its goals along the following four lines:

1. Establishment of co-operation between companies, knowledge institutes and authorities

Implementing a circular economy has to be done in cooperation, no-one can do this alone. This is especially true for activities aimed at international markets, where achieving results is often a matter of long-term and cross-sectoral operating.

HCH wants to offer both a physical and digital community and a meeting place for those companies, knowledge institutions and governments that have the ambition to operate in an international CE environment. With this, our aim will be to offer potential customers inspiring and cross-sectoral propositions.

With the help of, amongst others, the Royal Dutch Embassies, businesses, knowledge institutions and governments will be able to get a better focus on countries and themes.

HCH is working on a multi-year international CE strategy, with a selection of potentially interesting countries and themes. An important part of this strategy consists of international trade and other missions abroad combined with their relevant supporting activities, and are all organised in close cooperation with other parties like the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

2. Increasing the international visibility of Circular Economy

As a counterpart of the nationally oriented NederlandCirculair! website, Holland Circular Hotspot will be internationally oriented and create an English language website that serves as an entrance to foreign parties as to how the Netherlands is implementing a circular economy.

In addition, tailor made documentation on CE initiatives in the Netherlands is being developed.

A pool of renowned HCH ambassadors will be set up to tell the Dutch Circular Economy story during international symposia and inbound or outbound missions.

3. Desk for foreign parties interested in Dutch Circular Economy knowledge and expertise

HCH will be setting up a counter for foreign parties who are interested in Dutch CE knowledge and expertise. HCH can offer support in matching Interested foreign parties with relevant Dutch companies and knowledge institutes that can offer the required knowledge and expertise.

In order to fulfill this role well, HCH is connected to Dutch and international CE networks (including the Embassy and trade mission’s networks) and manages a database of Dutch circular companies, knowledge institutions and governments (including the parties affiliated to HCH). HCH is connected to relevant programs, for instance the Dutch Top Sectors and the Dutch CE Transition Agenda’s.

4. More accessible information on relevant funding

There are many (financial) arrangements to facilitate internationally oriented CE projects and programs. HCH co-operates with other parties like the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Rijkswaterstaat and will be happy to help initiators find their way to the possibilities offered by these schemes where necessary. Financial institutions (banks, pension funds) will also be involved in HCH and CE related projects.