On this page you can find all publications of Holland Circular Hotspot and publications of our partners on circular economy in international context.

How circular economy practices help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent the blueprint to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030. 

The brochure Circular Economy & SDGs identifies the extent to which circular economy practices are relevant for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Kansendossier waste management Australië (Dutch)

The urgency and renewed policy in the field of waste have created opportunities. The expertise of Dutch companies within this sector can contribute to achieving the set goals. This report examines the opportunities for the Dutch waste processing sector within Australia. A general outline at national level follows first. Subsequently, developments by state and potential (domestic) markets will be examined.

The Circularity Gap Report of The Netherlands

The Circularity Gap Report of The Netherlands is published by Circle Economy.

Conclusion: The Netherlands is working hard on transitioning to a fully circular economy and it shows in the results! We’re very proud with a circularity percentage of 24.5 as the world is circular for only 8.6% and Austria for 9.7%. But there is a long way ahead of us before achieving 100% circularity. Learn which measures in 4 sectors can lead to a circularity of 70% for the Netherlands.

Circular Cities

The brochure Circular Cities shares knowledge and experience of circular solutions from the Netherlands to inform and inspire parties and to stimulate international cooperation. The brochure was developed by Holland Circular Hotspot together with Circle Economy.

Scoping Mission Waste and Circular Economy to Lagos, Nigeria

In 2019 a team of experts from the Netherlands carried out a scoping study on waste management and Circular Economy in the city of Lagos (Nigeria) commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Dutch ministry oof Foreign Affairs. Findings show urgent need for an overall waste and circular economy system improvement, a challenging environment for business, but also a human side; the resilience, pride and vibrance of the Nigerian people.

HCH Circular is Going Global magazine - Amsterdam edition

In this magazine with a foreword by Jeanet van Antwerpen, CEO Schiphol Area Development Company and Amsterdam Airport Area, and an introduction by Freek van Eijk, CEO HCH, we show you the circular frontrunners in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

HCH Circular is Going Global magazine - 2nd edition

In June 2018 our second magazine was launched with a foreword by State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven and with more than 40 showcases for the five transition agenda’s Biomass & Food, Plastics, Manufacturing, Construction and Consumer Goods. The magazine was launched during the international Holland Circular Economy Week.

HCH Lo Circular Se Vuelve Global - Spanish edition

The Spanish version of the second HCH magazine was launched in January 2019. It is used by the Dutch embassies in Latin America and Spain in their activities for the promotion of Circular Economy & the Netherlands.

HCH Circular is Going Global magazine - 1st edition

In Januari 2018 this first edition of the Circular is Going Global magazine was published to show the world just a few of the many innovative and inspiring examples of how Holland is contributing to a circular world. The magazine was launched during the first seminar of Holland Circular Hotspot in the Dutch Circular Economy Week 2018.