About Holland Circular Hotspot

Holland Circular Hotspot is a private-public platform in which the HCH foundation, (local) government authorities, knowledge institutes and companies intensively and internationally collaborate and exchange knowledge with the aim to stimulate entrepreneurship in the field of circular economy.

The activities of Holland Circular Hotspot are:

• Offer insights in and access to the network of Dutch circular pioneers;
• Develop and exchange knowledge on international market opportunities for circular economy;
• Create circular opportunities internationally by matching offer and demand;
• Support companies and organizations that want to contribute to internationalization of circular economy;
• Stimulate cooperation between the private sector, knowledge institutions, governments and other relevant parties;
• Provide international visibility of Dutch CE innovations/best practices;
• Facilitate access to Dutch and international (financing) instruments and programmes.


HCH works with Special Envoys, selected circular economy experts who can represent the Holland Circular Hotspot Foundation worldwide. HCH works in close collaboration with, and is made possible by partners.


You can find an overview of the Holland Circular Hotspot team members and the Supervisory Board below.

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Meet the Supervisory Board


Jacqueline Cramer



Edo Offerhaus



Fred van Beuningen

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