What we do for Dutch organizations

Do you have a circular innovation or initiative, and are you based in The Netherlands? Are you thinking about export or international cooperation as a next step?

At Holland Circular Hotspot we are happy to support you and  introduce you in our network. In recent years we have developed an extensive network around the world on the topic of circular economy. We are regularly invited to give presentations at international seminars, join missions, supply input for programs etc.

Below you find the different ways to join our community.

Register your circular initiative for our showcases

At Holland Circular Hotspot we have collected 200+ showcases on Dutch circular economy. Your initiative can be part of this. We will create an online showcase based on the text, images and video you provide and publish it on our website. We will also use the cases on our social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and during presentations at home and abroad.

In addition the showcases are used by many organizations in our network for presentations, seminars etc, giving you exposure.

Come to our meetings

Several times a year, Holland Circular Hotspot organizes meetings in the Netherlands for our Dutch community about current developments in international circular business. Inspiration and information are central here: Entrepreneurs tell about their experiences, market studies are presented, upcoming missions are explained, etc. Intermediaries from other parties are also present, so there are plenty of opportunities to network!

Register for our (Dutch) newsletter, so you will always receive an invitation.

Join a mission or receive a visit

Become one of the participants of a Dutch mission abroad on the theme of the circular economy. Holland Circular Hotspot is closely involved in the preparation and execution of several missions per year promoting international collaboration and business development focused on circular economy. These trips are often linked to a trade fair or symposium.

Groups also regularly come to the Netherlands with a specific interest in the circular economy. Holland Circular Hotspot often makes a tour of companies and organizations that can show or tell something in this area. If you are open to visiting from a certain country: please contact us. Or make sure that you are on our website as a showcase so people can find you.

Make use of our network

  • Holland Circular Hotspot has built up a network of like-minded Circular Hotspots all over the world. We are happy to put you in touch if you are looking for contacts in a specific country or region.
  • We know our way in the network of Dutch embassies abroad that are becoming increasingly active in promoting the Netherlands as a circular guide country. Please contact us if we can help.
  • Need more support to realize your international ambitions? Go to NLinBusiness.

Make use of our expertise

  • Interested in international promotion of the circular activities in your city or region? Let us know so that we can involve you in time in our events and missions. Would you like to develop a brochure about the circular opportunities in your region aimed at a foreign audience? Please contact us.
  • Read our publications: We regularly publish reports on circular opportunities in specific countries. We also link CE to themes that may have even more momentum locally, such as circular cities or plastics.
  • Find an overview of support for circular entrepreneurs with international ambitions.