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We want to empower you with this self-service page to prepare your own presentation or meeting. We will update the slides in the upcoming months so please come back regularly to find out what’s new.

Scroll down this page and you find slide packages on a variety of circular economy topics plus relevant links for background information. If you miss anything or have any specific requests, please contact us!

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Circular Economy - The Concept

Use the following slide package to explain the concept of circular economy,  circular economy from a business perspective and circular economy from a climate perspective.

The interactive CE knowledge map helps you to get more insight into the concept.

Dutch ambitions

The Dutch government has set up ambitious transition programmes for five major raw material chains.

The slide package explains how the Dutch government seeks to enhance circular economy initiatives:

Find more background information here:

Overview – Dutch Government CE policies
Official Circular Economy page – Dutch Government

slide package of government best practices

Dutch Circular Showcases

Download self-service slide packages with best practices per priority sector:
Priority sector Biomass & Food
Priority sector Construction
Priority sector Consumer Goods
Priority sector Manufacturing Industry
Priority sector Plastics

Find our selection in our Magazines:
Circular is Going Global edition 2  (June 2018)
Circular is Going Global edition 1 (January 2018)

Dutch Circular Cities & Regions

A circular economy in cities can start small and deliver results ‘close to home’. Solutions can jump from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, each in their own context and with their own local hero. Use this slide package to explain how cities can become accelerators for a circular economy.

Find more background information on Circular Cities.

Circular economy & the social development goals (SDGs)

Working on the circular economy means working on the majority of SDGs, not as a cost item but as a business model. In the report ‘How circular economy practices help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals‘ Holland Circular Hotspot and The Netherlands Enterprise Agency explore how circular economy practices can achieve the SDG’s.

Knowledge institutes

We aim to be a circular hotspot that enables CE knowledge to be shared without boundaries. Have a look at this Quick Scan of the knowledge landscape in the field of the circular economy in the Netherlands. The Quick Scan was developed by ‘Het Groene Brein’, a platform that helps businesses to implement new, sustainable business models, using the latest scientific knowledge on sustainability.

Quick Scan – Dutch CE knowledge institute

Other tools to get started

A growing number of tools are developed that can serve the interest and need of organizations considering taking the steps to a circular business model. The tools currently available are scans (of cities, sectors, products), databases, indicators, calculators, guides, analysis, among other materials. These can have as focus countries, regions/cities, sectors, products, and business models.

More information can be found here:

HCH’s useful tools page

Het Groene Brein’s knowledge map.