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Circular Economy - The Concept

Want to know more about the concept of circular economy,  circular economy from a business perspective and circular economy from a climate perspective? The interactive CE knowledge map helps you to get more insight into the concept.

Do you want to know more on circular economy for specific sectors? Please find our dedicated sector publications with insights and solutions on a circular approach:

Dutch ambitions

In 2016 the Dutch government set goals to reduce the amount of primary resources used in the Netherlands by 50% in 2030, and to become completely circular by 2050.

This policy was followed by the development of Transition Agendas and implementation programmes for five sectors (2019-2023).

The Circularity Gap Report of The Netherlands by Circle Economy concluded that in 2020 the Netherlands was at a circularity percentage of 24.5% while the world is circular for only 8.6%. But there is a long way ahead of us before achieving 100% circularity.

Dutch Circular Showcases

We have gathered over 150 showcases of Dutch circular entrepreneur that you can find on our special showcases page.

Are you looking for showcases and information on specific sectors? Please visit the dedicated pages:

Prepared presentations per themes

For each of the themes we prepared basic presentations for you to personalize to your preference. You can find an introduction to circular economy in general, an introduction to each theme, and all presentations consist of slides with best practices, which can be used for a slide show.

Other countries

The Netherlands is not the only country that is active with circular economy. Many countries on all continents have started to assess the need for and opportunities of a circular approach.

Holland Circular Hotspot is (in 2022) chair of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform and active member of a global network of circular hotspots.

Together with Dutch embassies around the world we have investigated circular opportunities in 10+ countries.