Want to join the Dutch towards a circular economy?

Great that you want to join the circular path of The Netherlands! Here are some steps to get started.

First of all we suggest you inform yourself on the Dutch approach. The Netherlands aims to be 100% circular in 2050, 50% in 2030. How? Find a large variety of information on the Dutch circular approach. Have a look around this website or go directly to information on:

Find your Dutch partner for circular cooperation

We have created a network of partners in the Netherlands that are interested in international cooperation in the field of circular economy. You can find:

We work together in projects with a variety of Dutch partners.

Get support in your own region

We have been working hard to make support available close to you:

  • First check out our toolkit. You will be amazed how much information you can find here. Use our presentations with an introduction to circular economy, showcases and more to inform and inspire your colleagues and network, organize meetings and develop next steps.
  • Get access to information that helps to build momentum for Circular Economy locally. Find our publications and themes linking Circular to other locally trending topics that require urgent actions like SDG’s, Climate Action and Sustainable Cities.
  • Check if there’s a Circular Hotspot network partner of HCH active in your region and contact them to support you locally or set up the link with the Netherlands.
  • Contact the Dutch embassy or consulate in your own region for information and support on Circular Economy. People have been especially trained to answer your questions and help you further.

Be inspired in the Netherlands

  • Do you want to see the circular transition in the Netherlands with your own eyes? Why not visit the Netherlands and organize your own circular program (cost can apply!). We hope to welcome you!
  • Contact your local Dutch embassy or explore possibilities to do business in the Netherlands. These Dutch organisations work closely with HCH and by their request we can suggest site-visits for a wide arrange of market segments and interaction with circular experts.

Bring the Dutch circular experience to your event

Are you organizing an event on circular economy? Are you looking for someone to talk about the Dutch CE experience? We get frequent requests to supply keynote speakers and we have a dedicated team of ‘special envoys’, public and private experts that can tell about Dutch best practices in certain market segments, about governmental policies and about transition lessons.

Fill in our contact form for your request. Please note that unfortunately HCH can’t honor every request but we are happy to refer you to one of our ‘HCH Special Envoys’ or other partners.