Circular Economy: the missing link in the Climate discussion

There is growing awareness that the Circular Economy is a missing link in the Paris agenda and that it is urgent to strengthen the link between Circular Economy and the Climate Change Agenda. A circular economy aims to decouple economic growth from the use of natural resources and ecosystems by using those resources more effectively. On December 7, 2018 during the COP24 climate summit in Katowice, a coalition of European circular hotspots presented evidence and best practices of the circular economy as a means to bridge the gap in the climate agenda and identified where there is potential for scaling up.

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COP 24 speech by Dutch Minister of Environment Van Veldhoven

Five countries agreed unanimously at the Climate Summit in Katowice to permanently put the circular economy on the agenda. Under the leadership of Minister of Environment Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure and Water Management), Argentina, Japan, Norway and South Africa agreed to place the contribution of an economy without waste high on the agenda.

During the COP24 on December 11, Van Veldhoven hosted the Side-Event  ‘How a global circular economy contributes to the Paris Agreement’.

Find the speech of minister Van Veldhoven here.

Environmental Leader article by Jennifer Hermes, December 7, 2018

Experts at COP24 Address Circular Economy Issues, Share Recommendations for Biz

"Making better use of the materials that already exist in the economy, using circular business models and having greater material efficiency can take EU industry halfway towards net-zero emissions in an economically attractive way”

Kari Herlevi, Project Director, Circular Economy at Sitra

Impression of the side-event

“It is essential for us to manage materials in a circular fashion in order to ensure that we have enough for the technologies critical to a low-carbon future.”

Eva Gladek, CEO Metabolic

“The circular economy isn't just about tackling climate change - it will also be a boost to local economies. We have identified a wide range of exciting business opportunities in the emerging circular economy, which could be worth £1bn to the economy of two of Scotland’s regions alone.”

Callum Blackburn, Head of Policy, Research and Evaluation at Zero Waste Scotland

COP24 - Circular Economy Hotspot Side Event

“A Circular Economy Transition as a catalyst for combatting Global Climate Challenges”

Best practices and insights for the business and science community

From the 3-14th of December, the 24th Climate Change Conference (COP 24) will take place in Katowice, Poland. It is important to place circular economy in the heart of the Paris agenda, since the transition towards a circular economy is necessary to be able to reach the climate goals. That is why Holland Circular Hotspot, together with a coalition of circular hotspots from all over Europe, organizes a side event at the COP24 to highlight the link between Circular Economy and Climate Change, share examples from the private sector and discuss the way forward to speed up and scale up.

Through various cases, this event will show how a circular transition by the private sector and cities can significantly contribute to the climate objectives as well as create business opportunities.  Speakers will highlight the potential for CO2 reduction through circular economy in various sectors and present new insights from knowledge institutes and business showcases., Finally, for the event to be beneficial to all pioneers present; quick wins, arenas for action, barriers, drivers and potential for scaling-up will be discussed.

Location: Benelux-EIB Pavilion, Katowice

Date: Friday December 7, 2018

Time: 11.30-13.00

See full programme below.

In collaboration with Zero-Waste Scotland, Sitra, Circular Norway, Polish Circular Hotspot and Luxemburg Circular Economy Hotspot.


11.30   Welcome by moderator Freek van Eijk, director Holland Circular Hotspot

11.35  Insights from Research Institutes: moderated by Director General Mr. Weidenhaupt, Luxembourg Ministry of Sustainable development and Infrastructure

Could a rare metals shortage disrupt the global renewable energy transition?

Eva Gladek, CEO Metabolic, The Netherlands

Transformative innovation for prosperous and low-carbon industry

Karl Herlevi, Project Director Circular Economy at Sitra, Finland


11.50   Best Business Practices: moderated by Tjitske IJpma, Program leader International Circular Economy, Department for International Affairs, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water management

  • Best Circular Practices from Philips

Harald Tepper, Group Sustainability and Program lead Circular Economy at Royal Dutch Philips

  • Examples from the Building sector

Presentation Mr Jakub Wójcik, Vice-Chairman of Izodom Company, Poland

  • Industrial Symbiosis

Arve Ulriksen, CEO Mo Industripark, Norway

  • Cities, the place for circular climate action

Callum Blackburn, CEO Zero Waste Scotland

12.30   Panel discussion moderated by Tjitske IJpma, Program leader International Circular Economy, Department for International Affairs, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water management

12.55   Wrap up, Freek van Eijk, director Holland Circular Hotspot