AkzoNobel – Sikkens Alpha Recycle Mat

Since 1792, AkzoNobel has been supplying innovative paints and coatings that add color to people’s lives and protect what matters most. A prime example of looking at things differently starts from their recycled paint, introduced in 2019 to five countries under leading brands such as Sikkens and Dulux. Their product is currently available for professional users in the United Kingdom (Dulux), the Netherlands (Sikkens), and Belgium (Sikkens), and for consumers in France (Dulux) and Sweden (Nordsjö).


A new life for post-use paint waste

To create this innovative product, post-consumer paint waste must be collected, evaluated, and processed. AkzoNobel does not do this alone but collaborates with the best specialists in the field of waste processing and recycling. For example, in the Netherlands, InterCheM, a specialist in the collection, processing, and recycling of reusable materials, works with more than 50 recycling centers throughout the country to collect, sort, process, and transform the waste into a new product.

By bringing this product to the market, AkzoNobel is helping reduce the carbon footprint of paint without sacrificing quality and performance. In fact, according to a study conducted by Ecomatters (Utrecht, the Netherlands), when a paint contains 35% recycled content, the reduction in the global warming potential of the raw materials is around 32%. This product is part of AkzoNobel’s broader commitment to sustainability, including reducing the carbon footprint of scopes 1, 2, and 3 by 50% by 2030 (absolute, baseline 2018), increasing the use of renewable electricity sources, and promoting more sustainable products and services.

These products containing post-consumer paint waste were originally launched in 2019 and are currently available in five European countries with the intention to expand further through collaboration with waste recycling companies in other European countries. This project was developed to foster circularity in the paints industry by exploring how post-consumer waste can be reused, thereby decreasing the amount of leftover paint waste that is incinerated.

AkzoNobel is trusted by customers around the globe and is active in more than 150 countries. We utilize our expertise to sustain and enhance the fabric of everyday life because we believe every surface is an opportunity. It’s what you’d expect from a pioneering and long-established paints company that’s dedicated to providing more sustainable solutions and preserving the best of what we have today while creating an even better tomorrow. Let’s paint the future together.

For more information on this product visit the following page: https://www.sikkens.nl/nl/recyclemat

To get in contact with us for future collaboration: sustainability@akzonobel.com