Aliter Networks – Make a difference with IT

Aliter Networks is part of the Circular IT Group. The group has an innovative circular business model for IT lifecycle management of laptop devices, network hardware and server systems. With asset recovery, promoting refurbished equipment and enabling our customers with lifecycle extension, the group provides IT services with a reduce, reuse and recycle mindset. This enables the clients to optimize their IT hardware lifespan, and have more maintenance flexibilities while reducing IT spending. Most importantly, it allows the IT department to contribute to the sustainability goals of the organization.


We want to develop a tool which can help companies, knowledge and governmental institutions make more circular data based decision and showcase them the impact of their decisions.

Aliter Network

Giving IT a longer life


The company offers refurbished alternatives to a new IT hardware, backed up by Aliter’s lifetime warranty and critical support services for IT infrastructure. Aliter additionally offers a wide range of refurbished IT equipment, including servers, storage systems, networking equipment and laptops.

Aliter is busy with building their ReplanIT system, which is aiming to develop a corresponding software system with which suppliers and end-users of ICT hardware. This system could reduce their ecological footprint and maximize resource efficiency, without sacrificing functionality and reliability.

ReplanIT system

Together with TU Delft, KPN, RWS and Gemeente Amsterdam, Aliter Networks is a key participant in the REPLANIT project. REPLANIT is designing a new methodology for Circular Resource Planning for the IT department which will be supported by a software system that allows key stakeholders to make sustainable decisions regarding their IT hardware, cost reduction and ESG reporting.