Batteryline – manufacturing the batteries of tomorrow is a community of international experts and partners specialising in the manufacturing of lithium-ion battery cells and packs, and in their reuse and recycling. Together, they foster a collaborative environment where knowledge and development projects are exchanged, propelling the industry forward.

Batteryline’s mission is ambitious. They aim at scaling up high performance and high sustainability battery production so as to enable greener impact and innovation.



We collaborate with global industry leaders renowned for their expertise in scaling battery manufacturing, reuse, and recycling technologies. Our community is committed to fostering sustainable advancements in these fields, driving innovation and environmental impact on a global scale.

Shpetim Arifi - Director,

We cannot drive clean cars on dirty batteries!

The Swedish company Xano initiated with the intention to help giga factories to overcome barriers in scaling up their production with the right experts and gain network within the battery industry. has since connected its partners in battery manufacturing with the many experts in the community and facilitated innovative projects in the field.

The platform supports machine builders, battery makers, and solution providers in sharing knowledge. This way, it creates networks to help consumers and end-users in the field. BatteryLine aims at sharing knowledge and information through related blogs, articles, and webinars and soon, via live battery events and new e-learning programs.

As a growing network, BatteryLine invites others to embark on a transformative journey where expertise, innovation, and sustainability converge, shaping the future of the battery manufacturing industry.