BE O Lifestyle – products from plants for a climate-positive future

BE O lifestyle wants to accelerate the transition to bioplastic. The products are made from the residual flows that remain when sugarcane plants are grounded into sugar. This way, they absorb more CO2 than they emit during the production process.

The BE O bottle’s design is modular, so it takes up less space, and it’s easier to clean by hand or with your dishwasher. In addition, the water bottle is 100% recyclable. Designed and produced in The Netherlands. Their first product: the BE O bottle, was nominated for various innovation prizes and won the Green Product Award.


"Each BE O bottle has a carbon footprint of -80g CO2e"

Life Cycle Analysis, BE O bottle

The Future: Expansion and Partners

Currently, the company is expanding its team and product range (new colors for the bottle and a second product). In 10 years, they want to become a global player in plant-based lifestyle products. In the upcoming years, they will launch more plant-based products that people can use in their daily life. With these products, they want to inspire people to start a sustainable lifestyle. And convince them it’s possible by taking a few small steps.