Beautiful Cups & Renewi – From coffee cup to paper products

Beautiful Cups is partnering up with Renewi, to ensure that coffee cups in companies are given a second life. Users are stimulated to use the cardboard up at least three times. Discarded cups are collected transformed to toilet paper and towels. For every 7,000 cups used, Beautiful Cups plants a tree in rainforests in Sumatra or Tanzania  to ensure the habitat of endangered species. Companies that use the cups are provided with an awareness-raising kit containing a range of communication tools on this topic.

Beautiful Cups has joined forces with Renewi to separate the cardboard from the plastic coating. The result is pulp that is used as a raw material by the paper industry.


How does it work?

The collaboration between  Beautiful Cups  and Renewi is crossing the border. The cups are now also used in Belgium, in collaboration with Renewi Belgium. The new customers also provide many new trees in the rainforests of Sumatra and Tanzania. This resulted in the contribution to Rainforest Projects for 20 new trees, which offset 20 tons of CO2. And it is precisely this good communication that creates more awareness among the employees and therefore greater savings and impact on nature.

Beautiful Cups is partner of the Sumatran Orangutan Society responsible for many Rainforest Projects. Its main goal is to replant the felled rainforests, to care for the orangutans who lost their natural habitat, and to release them back into the wild. Beautiful Cups currently supports eight Rainforest Projects in Sumatra. Clients can choose which Rainforest Project they want to support and can even visit the area to see them what is being achieved.