Better Future Factory – Futureproof Packscan

Product design & engineering studio Better Future Factory created the Futureproof Packscan that helps brands to make their plastic packaging futureproof.

Only 14% of the plastic packaging used globally collected finds its way to a recycling plant, but 9% will actually be recycled. Most of it still ends up in landfill or worse: in fragile ecosystems. A recyclable material doesn’t mean the actual packaging will be recycled. So what makes packaging difficult to recycle? This has to do with color pigments, size, glue connections, labels and much more. But it’s also important to take into account consumer behaviour, recycle guidelines and analysing the packaging efficiency.

For this the Futureproof Packscan was developed, combining practical experience with acknowledged recycling standards. It was put into practice for HUM Nutrition (on photo), Erno Laszlo and other companies.


"Show us your packaging and let’s make it futureproof!"

Casper van der Meer, CEO & Co-founder of Better Future Factory

Effectively optimise packaging products

Since 2013 Better Future Factory is focused on creating sustainable plastic products. They developed many products made from recycled plastics for clients all over the world, but as the years passed this felt like always cleaning up at the end. The studio felt the impact could be much higher by making changes with the right design. After successfully helping various brands with making their packaging futureproof they have channeled this process into a method by which they can effectively scan and optimise packaging products or even complete packaging portfolios.

For the Californian company HUM nutrition Better Future Factory developed a futureproof strategy for the complete packaging portfolio eliminating all single use plastics by 2025 by refillable packaging and fully recycled and recyclable packaging made from ocean bound plastics, recycling 50 million plastic bottles.

New York based skincare company Erno Laszlo was able to achieve an impressive reduction of their packaging with support of Better Future Factory: eliminating 4 million single use sample packaging on a yearly basis and 10 tons per year of unnecessary packaging. In addition redesign enabled 17 tons of packaging to be recycled.

The studio focusses on companies in North America and Europe and is eager to help more brands make their packaging sustainable.

See video below for a further introduction (select automatic translation of subtitles to your language of choice in video settings).