BlueAlp – to accelerate plastic recycling

BlueAlp was founded in 2015 and is owned by Den Hartog, Mourik. Over the years, BlueAlp started various collaborations to accelerate plastic recycling, first with Renasci – majority of which is owned by Boralis – then Rumanli, and Shell. To achieve this, BlueApl has developed and operates a continuous pyrolysis process to recycle plastics, which guarantee the highest possible pyrolysis oil quality in combination with low energy use. 

Chemical recycling technologies that upcycle old plastic into new feedstocks are more commonly considered game changers in the drive to lower CO2 emissions, and to move towards a more sustainable and circular model. Thus, through the revolutionary and patented technologies, BlueAlp is able to guarantee a high pyrolysis oil quality in combination with low energy use, through a slow cracking process.


Upcycle any plastic waste into new feeds

BlueAlp launched its first pilot plant with a capacity of 3,000 tonnes p.a. In Switzerland in 2004, followed by the launch of the first commercial industrial scale plant with a capacity of 17,000 tonnes p.a. in Ostend, Belgium, in 2020: Renasci. 

Borealis became the second major chemical giant to put its trust in the BlueAlp technology to help it reach its circular goals. Shell and Borealis have the goal to use 1 million and 600,000 tonnes of circular products in their global chemical plants respectively. 

Furthermore, under the partnership with Shell, two new pyrolysis units will be built in the Netherlands, both with a capacity of 17kt plastic waste per year. 100% of the pyrolysis oil generated will be supplied to Shell’s Moerdijk and Rhineland crackers. In addition, Shell has committed to licensing a further two facilities and is partnering to develop the BlueAlp technology further under the Joint Development Agreement. 

BlueAlp is growing its innovative systems over the years to accelerate plastic recycling. It has now developed a new version of its technology with an annual capacity of 70kt plastic waste p.a. which will be licensed to its current and future customers. By transforming plastic into pyrolysis, Blue Alp is contributing to a chemical recycling process, thus it has been featured as a showcase in the HCH’s latest brochure ‘Chemical Recycling in Circular Perspective’, which is now available digitally here ‘Chemical Recycling in Circular Perspective