Bluecon – Decentralized Small Scale Wastewater Solutions

Bluecon developed the next generation decentralised wastewater treatment units based on an innovative process without the use of bacteria. The treatment plant converts household wastewater into reusable water such as irrigation water or clean water to reuse in households.

It is a solution for towns, villages and communities up to 20.000 people. Bluecon helps to keep the valuable resource into circulation and provide clean water for the environment and the productive sector. The compact units are installed in a few weeks and provide a guaranteed water quality under all circumstances.


97% of wastewater converted into reusable water and the treatment process is 100% CO2 neutral. This decentralized solution provides the ability to towns and communities to manage their own water reuse.


Only 14% of regional wastewater worldwide is being treated.

Untreated domestic wastewater causes problems such as contamination of water sources and an inefficient use of this valuable resource. Bluecon was founded in 2016 taking up the challenge to resolve the regional wastewater problems worldwide. Bluecon developed a system that is able to deliver high quality reusable water in any part of the world using domestic wastewater as its source. It was awarded with the Jan Terlouw innovation prize in 2017 and started commercial activities the same year.

Bluecon is expanding to new markets. Starting in Eastern Europe and Southern Europe, Bluecon is now taking commercial steps in Asia (India), Africa (Morocco) and South America (Chile, Colombia and Mexico). Through partnerships with local mostly environmental engineering companies, Bluecon seeks to built strong relationships with local companies who have the knowledge, network and capabilities to sell, install and operate the Bluecon wastewater treatment units. Since the time from design to implementation is only a matter of weeks, these units are ideal to be used in emergency situations worldwide, providing both sanitation as well as clean water at the same time.