Bureau Veritas – shaping a world of trust

Bureau Veritas is a Business to Business to Society service company that contributes to positively transforming the world we live in. It provides independent laboratory testing, inspection and certification services. Bureau Veritas offers innovative solutions to help clients ensure that their assets, products, infrastructure and processes meet standards and regulations. 

Bureau Veritas’s mission is to shape trust between business, public authorities and customers. Currently, it supports 400,000 clients to be more efficient, more methodical and trustworthy in the sustainable journey to make their companies or business green.


Sustainability embedded in Bureau Veritas’ strategy

Bureau Veritas’ place sustainability at the centre of its strategy, of the organisations and across the whole business. Through its expertise on the topic, Bureau Veritas serves its clients to meet the challenges of safety, the environment, without leaving aside social responsibility. The support offered is from the start, from the selection of the resources, and during the production, so that the expertise is offered at every point of the supply chain. 

In a recent project with Pryme, Bureau Veritas was commissioned to inspect and consult on the quality and safety of essential process elements in the construction of their Rotterdam chemical recycling plant. Pryme is an innovative cleantech company that converts plastic waste into petrochemical products through low-carbon chemical recycling. Bureau Veritas’ expertise in quality and assurance enabled Pryme to develop a proof of concept that can scale the production of renewable petrochemical products at an unprecedented 40 kilo tonnes per year, and to ensure that Pryme complies with high sustainability requirements, the products are audited by Bureau Veritas under the ISCC PLUS certification. 

Bureau Veritas is set to support quality monitoring of the process by testing and analysing samples from feedstock to end products at Pryme’s mega chemical recycling plan. Therefore, it has  been featured as a showcase in the HCH’s latest brochure “Chemical Recycling in Circular Perspective”, which is now available digitally here ‘Chemical Recycling in Circular Perspective