Byewaste – Smart and easy solution to reduce waste

Byewaste is a door-to-door collection service for all products that citizens no longer use (clothes, small electronics, books, toys). Their application and internal logistics allow them to collect, sort and give a second life to the products collected. This way, no more products will end up in landfills or incineration plants.

Byewaste guarantees that 100% of the products are reused or recycled. Given the global waste management context, Byewaste does its best to reuse or recycle them in the Netherlands, which is unfortunately not always possible.


In the waste industry, many usable goods get lost in the trash due to the many flaws of traditional recycling methods. We are here to change the path.


Byewaste creation and expansion

The Byewaste idea was born in the Resources and Recycling Research Group laboratory at TU Delft. Dr Francisco Rivera, PhD on recycling processes and current COO of Byewaste, was developing new recycling technologies while Tommaso Troiani, industrial engineer and CEO of Byewaste, was responsible for transferring recycling technologies developed in the laboratory to developing countries. Riccardo Testa, software engineer and Byewaste CTO, joined the team after an experience as a tech developer and leader for Nautes s.p.a.

Since mid-2021, Byewaste has worked well in the municipality of Capelle aan den Ijssel. The same year, the Startup won the CityLab010 challenge, organised by the Municipality of Rotterdam, which was the starting point of their expansion in Rotterdam. In early 2022, Byewaste got one of the 10 startups selected to participate in the Impact City accelerating program in The Hague. In spring 2022, they received funds from the DOEN Foundation and are currently trying to close new deals with other municipalities while testing different ways to enter the market.


Data regarding impact

Byewaste contributes to saving 100Kg CO2 emissions per pick-up. This corresponds to 20kg of reused items, extending the product’s lifespan instead of extracting materials to manufacture a new one. In addition, Byewaste aims to hire by the end of 2023 10 persons currently away from the labour market to work on its collection and sorting activities.