C-Bèta – Circular Hotspot

C-Bèta is a place which continuously incubates the circular economy. The transformed old farm consists of a circularly renovated workplace that is used as an exhibition and event location, a front house where flexible workplaces are offered, a small and large warehouse where circular companies can establish themselves, and a surrounding plot of approximately 2 hectares in total, where the space is used and offered events, showrooms (knowledge sharing) and an outdoor laboratory (lab).

C-bèta plays an important role in bringing experts, suppliers, construction parties, NGOs, governments, creatives and residents together to work on the transition to circular initiatives. The design is based on all principles of circular economy.

Currently, Holland Circular Hostpot’s office is located here!


C-Bèta is all about circularity. Companies and entrepreneurs with a circular heart are very welcome!


Circular from top to bottom

C-Bèta itself is still young, but the place, formerly Hoeve de Vogel, dates back to 1855 and, over the years, has served as an agricultural shed, a care farm and, for a short period, as a research location for various Dutch universities. Since 2018, C-Bèta has focused on working on and sharing knowledge about circular area development. C-Bèta is located near Hoofddorp station, the A4 motorway and Schiphol, and has been renovated as circularly as possible.

The circular renovation of the 1,000 m 2 C-Bèta warehouse at Schiphol Trade Park (business park)  in Hoofddorp does not stop at building materials, lighting and heating. The farm itself is a surprising example of circular thinking: it has been transformed into a place of inspiration for everyone who wants something with the circular economy. Both entrepreneurs, governments, investors, researchers and advisers feel themselves at home.

The building is furnished with circular material, infrared heating panels and circular furniture. Even the kitchen is cooking food based on the circular philosophy.


Circular area development

The impact of C-Beta is made transparent based on of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) drawn up by the United Nations. With its activities, C-Bèta contributes to the following SDGs:

C-Bèta focuses on the challenges of the future: how do you combine an increasingly busy and dynamic environment with sustainable growth? Together with the community, they try to find solutions to these challenges. They try to solve issues about the sustainable functioning of buildings and areas in the region in and with the region.