C-Bèta – Circular breeding ground

C-Bèta is a circular breeding ground in a former farm near Schiphol Airport where creatives, entrepreneurs and creators work together, showcase their circular solutions and meet each other to realize the circular economy. C-Bèta offers meeting rooms, offices, and spaces for events and exhibitions. It is part of Schiphol Trade Park (STP), that aims to become the most sustainable business park in Europe.


Metamorphosis of former farm

In 2018 the farm named ‘De Vogel’ (‘The Bird’), underwent a metamorphosis. Nothing much has changed from the outside, but the building has been renovated inside and redecorated with circular material, infrared heat panels and circular furniture. Leased, of course, because in a circular economy is not about ownership, but about use.

There are meeting rooms in the former fronthouse and 24 work places. Partly for fixed tenants, partly for infrequent users. You can reserve a work or meeting place online. You can park your car next door, charge at NEUMO while you work in C-Beta, meet people or drink a cup of coffee. The former stable, includes a complete glass greenhouse with bar that is for rent for conferences and events. There is also room for fixed and temporary exhibitions of circular companies. And the outbuildings in the yard offer starting entrepreneurs a place to scale up pilots and make a step to the market.

Everything is circular here. That's how we show a circular economy is possible.

Guido Braam, driving force behind C-Bèta and co-founder of C-Creators

Inspiration for Schiphol Trade Park

C-Bèta is part of Schiphol Trade Park (STP), that aims to become the most sustainable business park in Europe. “My dream is that next to the farm of C-Bèta, a whole row of other company buildings in the shape of farms will appear, where entrepreneurs work on the circular economy” says Dick van der Harst, director of Schiphol Trade Park (STP). “For that reason we had farm ‘De Vogel’ renovated and made into C-Beta. Here we will invite potential customers for an introduction. If you want to know what the identity of this business park will be, then you can experience that at C-Beta. And we want to attract entrepreneurs have the same ambition: circular, innovative and experimental companies. C-Beta can play an important role at STP.”