CHAPLIN: The green road to a circular future

The CHAPLIN program replace a large part of the bitumen in the asphalt formulation by lignin in a special biobased formulation. With lignin asphalt CHAPLIN contribute to the transition to a circular and biobased industry with lower CO2 emissions.

CHAPLIN work together in a Triple Helix consortium involving all links of the value chain, supported by knowledge suppliers. The CHAPLIN principle can also apply to other countries across the globe. CHAPLIN is expanding their collaboration and is looking for partners to strengthen the CHAPLIN Program.



The CHAPLIN program was initiated in 2019. Since 2015 over 16 test sections of lignin-containing asphalt have been laid by various participants in the program. But there was a need for upscaling and this requires collaboration within the entire value chain. Circular Biobased Delta is facilitating this collaboration and has therefore initiated the CHAPLIN program in which 26 organisations are already participating. The participants are jointly committed to further developing lignin asphalt into a fully commercially available and specified product. This is done by stimulating cooperation in the value chain and also by innovation and scaling up (for example in the CHAPLIN-TKI and -XL projects), promotion, optimising the purchasing method etc. With very strong support of RVO who is providing subsidies, CHAPLIN is investing approximately 5 million euros in this transition. In the autumn of 2020, a covering layer was laid on a 300-metre-long test strip as part of a provincial road in Overijssel. At North Sea Ports in Sas van Gent and Terneuzen several roads have been constructed with lignin-containing asphalt in all layers. These test strips offer the opportunity to perform life cycle and economic analyses needed to provide technical specifications for tenders. The CHAPLIN cooperation will soon be expended internationally.

CHAPLIN is looking for new partners who have a role in the asphalt value chain and can strengthen the collaboration.

As consumption of fossil fuels is being reduced and quality of bitumen is deteriorating, it is becoming urgent to have a sustainable alternative. In the CHAPLIN program, we are bringing this alternative to the market.

Joop Groen, CHAPLIN Program Manager