Circular Clockworks & Renewi – Circular Watches

Circular Clockworks  and Renewi have launched a line of circular watches. The three-watch range is made by Circular Clockworks from secondary raw materials provided by Renewi. A specialist moulding company uses the plastic granules to create the watches. The black watches in the range are made from materials such as recycled televisions and the white watches are created from old fridges. The watch straps are made from leather left over from shoe manufacturing processes. The only part of the watches that is new is the clock itself, which comes from Switzerland. It runs on an energy saving Swiss movement that can run for 5 years at one battery. At the end of their product life Circular Clockworks buys back their watches from customers for €15. In this way they regain all parts so they can reuse parts and recycle the materials properly.


The casing of the watch is made of 100% recycled consumer waste plastic