VLOAT® – Island Living in the City by Circular Floating Districts

Circular Floating Districts was initiated by Willem Jan Landman and Michiel Zwart, architects in real estate and in naval architecture. Circular Floating Districts has evolved from a two-man business to a company with an in-house team of experts and multiple partners. The company designs and develops future proof and innovative circular floating concepts. 

Circular Floating Districts launched its first concept VLOAT® in March 2022 which contains 4 designs of Islands to live on. The Waterblock, the Water Court, the Water Community and the Water Villas. All islands are built circular in Cross Laminated Timber on former barges or dry docks.  

Currently, they have a co-creation partner within VLOAT®, krft architects from Amsterdam. VLOAT® is supported by several experts in order to achieve optimal results, including Allen & Overy Netherlands, IGG Bouweconomie, Traject Adviseurs & Managers, and Energie-Positief.  

They develop the projects in such ways as designing workboats or explorer yachts, upfront the market requests, and with the expertise of collaborating partners. 

Living on one of their islands gives new energy and a sense of freedom like you feel while sailing on the rivers. 


“Circular and modular construction is the solution against waste. All homes are designed to create a nature-inclusive, healthy and sustainable environment.”

Willem Jan Landman & Michiel Zwart – founders of Circular Floating Districts

The Circular Floating Districts concept

Circular Floating Districts is a concept design- and development company of living, working and recreational environments on the water.

Former offshore pontoons (the so-called North Sea Pontoons) and dry docks are used as a basis. This creates a maritime character and the base of the plan is in this way 100% circular and reusable. Our projects are built in a modular way at a shipyard and are then moved to a temporary or permanent location.

Moreover, the company uses the existing infrastructure to build and the prefabricated housing modules are delivered directly from a factory. An efficient and sustainable construction process that ensures speed and affordability.

All designs by Circular Floating Districts are circular, self-sufficient and climate proof. As a company they have the ambition to implement the requirements of the “Living Building Challenge” by the “International Living Future Institute” as a basis for all their projects.

Currently, Circular Floating Districts aimings to develop projects in Groningen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam as well as  in Warsaw and Singapore.