Circular Stories – Video Brand Stories

Circular Stories (CS) is a full-service, eco-intelligent digital marketing and business development agency that cares for people and the planet. CS helps circular businesses telling their inspiring stories and translate them into video content. With a shoot in one day, and content ready in one month (fixed price), those ‘Video Brand Stories‘ will address entrepreneurs’ direct and indirect target groups. Moreover, Circular Stories helps circular and sustainable companies or companies who would like to become circular to take the step into the spotlight through remarkable communications and strategy.

Circular Stories aims to manage small businesses with restricted marketing budgets and no dedicated marketing team yet, a large and important group transitioning towards the circular economy.


"We help circular or sustainable visionaries to grow their business, internally or externally."

Ellekari Klaasse (Co-founder Circular Stories)

Companies that do good, have great stories!

Circular Stories helps sustainable brands tell their story since 2019. With both founders (Ellekari & Marielle) having expertise in Sustainable/Circular Business modeling and Brand Marketing, Circular Stories is a business strategy consultancy and marketing agency based in Amsterdam (main office) and Utrecht. Their offer entails video making, brand strategy, online and offline marketing campaigns, and circular business model workshops.

Circular Stories also connects pioneers, entrepreneurs, and innovators from all over the world within their network. Circular Stories is currently focusing on the Dutch market, and will at the beginning of 2022, start a subsequent European tour.

Holland Circular Hotspot and Circular Stories:

At Holland Circular Hotspot, we also had the opportunity to work together with Circular Stories to create seven videos production. Five regarding circular best practices in the value chain for closing the loop on the Plastics, Textiles, Construction, Manufacturing, Biomass & Food sectors, and two videos of our Circular Climate Booster round table session at WCEF + Climate.