Circularise – supply chain transparency for circular economy

Supply chain transparency is vital for the overall functioning of a circular value chain. Circularise is developing an open-source protocol and decentralized network to bring transparency to global supply chains and move towards a circular economy. It aims to enable material traceability in the plastic value chain and empower the industry to share data about the products and materials while safeguarding data privacy and confidentiality.

This is achieved through a blockchain enabled open standard with embedded privacy. This approach avoids a central authority, gives equal rights to all participants making the system future proof and ready for broad adoption.


A protocol that facilitates the knowledge transfer for a circular economy to function

Since 2016, when Circularise was launched, the company proved blockchain to be a strong enabler for all the data, documents and information exchanges happening within complex supply chains, while safeguarding sensitive data.

Circularise teamed up with Covestro and Domo Chemicals to build and test the first version of the systems. The start-up has already followed up on their success by presenting the standard to BASF and Stanley Black & Decker in the context of their Circularity Challenge. Circularise ended up being the only software company out of nearly 100 competitors to become a finalist in the challenge. Following that, in spring 2020, Circularise was selected into an acceleration program by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

Following completion of a pilot period with Domo Chemicals, Covestro, and others the system is available to the broader market. The objective is to create a strong consortium of companies to set an industry standard for transparency regarding e.g. recycled content and other sustainable practices.