Ciskin | Circular Skin

Design, development and realization of new buildings or renovation of existing buildings ask ascendingly for better and well thought out sustainable and circular facade concepts. The Circular Facade Company is a service organization in the construction sector with a 100% circular facade product called: Ciskin (derived from Circular Skin).

The Circular Facade Company focuses on developing circular facade concepts with an optimal (technical and aesthetic) lifespan that can be flexibly adjusted and dismantled at the end of the useful life for remanufacturing and reuse. Ciskin facade assures a flexible, adaptable facade for the future, which is remountable, easily updatable and assembled in a modular way. The modular design is reusable, can be recycled 100% and is geared toward user comfort.



“With facades that can truly adapt to changing needs and users, Ciskin guarantees precious and future-proof buildings!”

Terry Pater, DOOR architecten

Circular solution for facades as a service

The project was initiated by Alkondor (facade company), De Groot & Visser (facade company) and Wicona (by Hydro, aluminium system supplier) two years ago. It started from a demand of a significant leading developer in the Netherlands who asked for Facade as a Service in one of his development plots. This was the first serious demand for an entire facade as a service. This led to the idea of a new facade system that fits the full circular loops and ambition. This new product/service: Ciskin.

The highest priority was regarding four principles:

  • Circular materials (urban mined)
  • Functionalities (applicability)
  • Releasability (the ability to get products loose again
  •  Producers’ responsibility. Therefore, the concept fits these four main aspects of the circular building.

The current building stock will require a lot of updating to meet changing energetic requirements. The first projects are in the design table to start building the Ciskin facades in Q1/Q2 of 2023. The focus on the client-side is the architect, developer and investors. They are now looking for interesting, enthusiastic developers and investors in the Netherlands to spread the system further into Europe and the World. But the first 2/3 years, the focus country is Holland.

Data Regarding Impact:

The major material of the facade concept is aluminium. We use the Wicona Circal product, which contains 80% post-consumer aluminium (urban mined aluminium), which is made clean to use again in facades. The CO2 impact of this aluminium is 84% less than the world average CO2 impact on aluminium. The next step is to create a new energy system based on hydrogen to have the production (melting process) energy neutral.