Clariter – a solution to the global plastic waste epidemic

Clariter is a global cleantech company that produces green sustainable petrochemicals upcycled from plastic waste. These alternatives to fossil-based products can be used in over a thousands industrial nd consumer applications and help industries created circularity in their value chain. 

Clariter is a pioneer in the chemical recycling field. When it began developing its technology in 2003, Clariter was one of the first companies to identify the commercial potential of plastic waste. In 2006, the company expanded its research lab into a R&D plant, and in 2018 built its first international industrial demo plant in South Africa.


A mature plastic upcycling technology ready for global scale-up

Clariter offers a highly effective and environmentally sustainable solution to the worldwide plastic waste crisis. Through its cutting-edge proprietary technology, Clariter not only minimizes carbon emissions and waste but also generates profits while contributing to a comprehensive and viable resolution for plastic waste. 

The solution is presented by Clariter’s patented groundbreaking, high-efficiency, de-fossilizing technology which can end the life of plastic waste by transforming it into three high-purity product families, ready-to-use alternative to fossil based products – as it is the case of solvents, oils and waxes. The process offers a high yield of around 80%, reduces plastic waste, and decreases global dependency on fossil fuels. The products meet industry and FDA purity standards, providing sustainable alternatives to fossil based industrial and consumer products.

Clariter’s technology is a commercially mature solution to the global plastic waste problem, which provides an unique combination of quality, sustainability, and profitability. These high-quality alternatives to fossil-based products can be used in over a thousands industrial and consumer applications and help industries create circularity in their value chain. Hence, Clariter has been featured as a showcase in the HCH’s latest brochure “Chemical Recycling in Circular Perspective”, which is now available digitally here ‘Chemical Recycling in Circular Perspective