CLEAR RIVERS – litter traps

CLEAR RIVERS prevents plastic litter to enter seas and oceans. Durable and cost effective Litter Traps are placed in rivers and ports preventing marine litter to continue its flow towards the sea and ocean. The recovered plastics are recycled into durable products such as Floating Parks, furniture, building materials and the Litter Traps themselves.
CLEAR RIVERS introduces a short and long term approach by the direct retrieval of marine litter and the improvement or start of local plastic recycling.


80-95% of the plastics in the ocean ends up there via rivers

CLEAR RIVERS started a local approach in Rotterdam, the Netherlands with the implementation of the first three Litter Traps and the realization of 140m2 Recycled Floating Park. New products and international projects followed quickly. They are currently setting up or exploring new projects in 24 countries. For these and future projects they are still looking for additional partners to collaborate or support them.

Litter Traps come in different designs and capacities. All the Litter Traps are cost effective, durable and passive (no use of energy). The Litter Traps are constructed from recycled plastic and a circular product by itself.
The plastic, recovered from the rivers with the Litter Traps, can be used to improve the local housing conditions. The use of virgin materials is prohibited and natural resources are left unharmed by recycling and reusing the materials that are already there.
This approach is scalable and therefore suitable for all cities, rivers and ports.

Creating circular products and educating people

The name, CLEAR, also explains the approach they base their activity on : Clean ups, Litter Traps, Education, Awareness and Recycling.
Cleanups of river shores are done together with volunteers. Future generations are being educated about the plastic pollution problem and the solutions at hand. Awareness is increased on plastic pollution and its solutions. New value is given to the retrieved plastics by using them as building material for new products.

Plastic pollution is a global problem. CLEAR RIVERS collaborates with national and regional governments to build a new circular infrastructure and is open to new project locations and partners to have the biggest positive impact on marine litter reduction.