Cooloo – Endless Life for the furniture industry

Cooloo aims to create circular products with an Endless Life. To that end, the company has developed mechanical upholstery based on coating technologies and local waste materials like cork, leather and jeans. This way, Cooloo creates circular coatings and upholsteries that are soft, smooth and flexible and on the condition that all products need to be suitable for repair.

The company’s 40+ years of experience in the furniture industry has shown them how inefficient and polluting the current furniture, upholstery and production industries are. This experience, combined with their innovative thinking, has resulted in disruptive concepts, ready to transition to a sustainable world where Endless Life is the new standard.


“We can give that existing piece of furniture a completely different look, so that it can last for years.”

Ricco Fiorito, Cooloo Commercial Director, Circular Design and Business Developer

Circular furniture based in circular coatings

The coatings developed and applied by Cooloo are made according to the highest possible ecological and sustainability standards. Water-based materials that are solvent and VOC free are at the heart of all innovative coatings.

The technology has been developed in-house with help from chemical companies and application machine manufacturers. For the waste streams Cooloo works with local leather production companies, textile recyclers and other companies that identify and supply waste streams.

Impactful circular projects

Cooloo is aligned with the Circularity Index in more than 95% and creates solutions for the 11 billion kg of furniture waste annually in Europe.

Currently the company is producing and refurbishing products for the Dutch interior market. The learnings and projects in the Dutch market serve for a proof-of-concept for other markets. Cooloo is keep to make the technology available under licensing and partnerships worldwide. Providing training, consulting, machines and materials to help other companies to create new circular products with their own or others waste.

Therefore Cooloo is looking for international co-operations and furniture brands who are interested and want to invest to implement the technology in their production facilities. This can initially be production companies within the EU like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary but outside of the EU.