De Afvalbak- Circular Bin Design (& Circular Transition Consultancy)

The full-service circular transition partner. De Afvalbak establishes a new high standard by supplying a stylish, fully circular product that allows for a circular operation for businesses, schools, municipalities, public spaces, and organizations. They design and produce revolutionary waste bins made of steel that already has a life behind it, and the lid is made of ecological bamboo. They are 100% environmentally degradable materials. Moreover, the customers are entirely in control: they determine the size, color, number of needed fractions, and which waste flows must be separated.

In addition, this company acts as a transition partner for implementation, communication, and building a support base. De Afvalbak sets you apart from the rest because it focuses on providing recyclable, beautiful, durable, and functional recyclable bins.


“We believe that with our philosophy we can already collect 80% of Dutch industrial waste in a circular manner by 2025”

De Afvalbak

Design , accessibility and results in one sustainable wastebasket

De Afvalbak was launched in late 2019 by the founders Remco Smits and Philip Lamers and currently holds three employees. The founders were frustrated with the lack of design and sustainability of the available separation bins. So the start-up de Afvalbak is not only involved in the development of sustainable waste bins for the workplace but has a whole range of solutions for accelerating the circular economy. Since then, the collection has grown to more than 200 products. As a result, more than 300 companies have been helping the transition to waste separation, and De Afvalbak is considered a household name in the Dutch market as a circular expert.

De Afvalbak sets this new standard by offering a fully circular and stylish product that facilitates circular business operations for companies. Moreover, per three containers sold, they remove one ton of CO2 from the air associated with Justdiggit, and once a company uses a bin, their waste production drops to 70% less.

For its next step, De Afvalbak intends to enter the German and Nordic markets. Therefore, any help to find resellers, early adaptors, and business partners in these markets is very much appreciated. Furthermore, de Afvalbak is entering the next product development phase in smart technology, waste tracking, and predictive intelligence. By making their bins smart, data gets extracted from the waste, which is available for the market to optimize our waste systems.