DSM-Niaga – Recyclable carpets & technology

Every year approximately 4.5 billion m2 of carpet is produced worldwide, making it a major contributor to landfill. In 2014, DSM and Niaga set up a joint venture to develop fully recyclable carpets. Now, they are selling the technology to other carpet manufacturers.


"The carpet material can be fully recycled to its original form in an economically viable way"

Cutting costs

DSM and Niaga (‘again’ in reverse) have developed carpet material which can be fully restored to its original form in an economically viable way and without compromising on quality. The new technology 1. cuts production costs, 2. reduces energy and 3. reduces water use, compared to traditional methods.


The technology

Either pure polyester is used or polyester combined with wool or nylon fixed together with reversible adhesives so that they can be separated after use. The polyester is then turned into granules, which serves as the raw material for new carpet tiles. Niaga’s mission is to redesign everyday products to fully recyclable alternatives, in collaboration with various manufacturers.


Sharing technology

To further refine their technology, DSM-Niaga is collaborating with other manufacturers. Together with Lacom GmbH, a world leader in laminate flooring, DSM-Niaga has developed a machine that uses 90% less energy than traditional lamination processes and reduces water waste to zero.