Dutch Harvest – sustainable crop and compostable packaging

Hemp is making a comeback. This powerful crop was used to craft sustainable and healthy products for thousands of years until it fell into oblivion for almost a century. But since 2015, supported by crowd funders and together with hemp farmer Albert Dun, Dutch Harvest has been producing the first hemp tea grown on Dutch soil. Grown in Groningen, the plants require no pesticides, absorb a lot of CO2, and improve the soil.


"The hemp plant improves the soil structure and absorbs large amounts of CO2"

Esther Molenwijk

Circular, organic and inclusive

The loose-leaf tea comes in bags made of (cellulose-based) bioplastic and ‘Paperwise’, a type of paper made from agricultural waste – making the packaging 100% compostable. Not only the flowers and leaves but all parts of the plant are being used in the highest cascade, and most of the hemp materials can be used: the fibres are used in insulation, bioplastics and textiles, while the hemp core serves as a sustainable building material. Further on, all Dutch Harvest tea blends are made of 100% certified organic ingredients and are packed at a social enterprise, providing sheltered employment to people with disabilities.

Dutch Harvest was awarded the Dutch EKO label as a result of their extra sustainability efforts such as growing locally, using compostable bags and packaging in cooperation with a social enterprise.