DutchSpirit – recyclable workwear

Workwear, for example in the health-care or cleaning sector, usually only lasts about 18 months. Recycling is not possible because the material consists of polyester and cotton, which cannot be separated. DutchSpirit saw a challenge and teamed up with Schoeller Textiles to develop a new kind of recyclable fabric specifically for workwear.


"A new fabric consisting exclusively of 100% recyclable polyester."

Innovative solution

The collaboration between DutchSpirit and Schoeller Textiles produced a new fabric that consists exclusively of 100% recyclable polyester. In order to guarantee complete recycling, they formed a closed loop of collaborating European companies called Wear2wear. The fabric is available to all suppliers and manufacturers. DutchSpirit is now able to fully dress a company’s work-force, from polo shirts to overalls, from softshell vest to rainwear, and all of it 100% circular.