E-waste Race – local collection of old electronic devices

The E-waste Race is an educational competition between ten primary schools to collect old electronic devices. Participants of the project get an introductory lecture about recycling and the valuable materials electronic devices contain.

Then they start collecting e-waste and the school who collects most e-waste wins an educational and fun school trip. The project was initiated in 2014 with four races and currently more than 30 races annually are organized.


One race helps to save up to 20.000 kg CO2

E-waste Race was founded in 2014 by Timmy de Vos after he won a competition about new inventive ICT concept to collect e-waste. E-waste Race cooperates with municipalities and waste processors and works together with Weee Nederland.

Over a 100 of races were organized since the launch of the project 6 years ago. To date more than 1000 schools in the Netherlands participated in the races and more than 1,4 million of old electronic devices (an average of 14.000 kg per race) were collected, which saves almost 20.000 kg CO2.  E-waste Race is organising the first E-waste Race in Germany in 2020.

All the e-waste the children collect is recycled so the valuable metals and resources in it are brought back in to the chain. E-waste Race won the Energy Globe Award Netherlands of 2017.

On the 1st of February 2021 E-waste Race was awarded the Dutch Circular Award Public 2021. “The circular transition is a process of many years and preparing the youth is a crucial factor for acceleration”, says jury chairman Dr. Oscar van den Brink (Nouryon, initiator KIA-CE).” For the next step, the jury challenges the initiators to think about how the circular impact can be increased.


"Preparing the youth is a crucial factor for acceleration"

Oscar van den Brink, Chairman of Circular Award jury