EcarACCU – Breathing new life into lithium-ion batteries

Batteries are pivotal for the clean energy transition, but they are also responsible for increasing amounts of dangerous waste. To solve this issue, EcarACCU created an innovative process to refurbish lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles (EV). Refurbished batteries can be reused as new energy storage and production systems.

EcarACCU’s pioneering refurbishing process can recover, reuse and recycle up to 98% of multiple battery packs that would previously be rejected for reuse. This extend the life of hybrid and EV batteries of 5-to-10 years. Since starting operations in 2017, EcarACCU has grown from reusing around 5 to 100 tonnes of battery cells annually.


Throwing away is a shame, especially for EV batteries! Thanks to our technology, lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles are given a new life and reused in multiple destinations and products.

Jasper Baltus, Managing Director at EcarACCU

Refurbishing EV batteries for affordable energy solutions

EcarACCU was created in 2015 as part of car dealer Autogroep Ursem Barten. Their experience in battery refurbishment comes from the lessons learned in the car battery repair center of the Autogroep, which is the official dealer of Mitsubishi, Nissan and Hyundai in 14 different locations in North Holland. 

With the increasing demand for battery storage systems and refurbishment opportunities for EV batteries, EcarACCU developed a system to recover up to 98% of the battery packs. The process starts with battery dismantling. Inner materials such as metals and plastics are then recycled by EcaACCU partners. The battery cells are instead tested for reuse. 

Several products can be created from refurbished EV batteries. Often they are used for energy storage with a new management system. For example, off-grid street lights with solar panels on the outside and a battery storage system on the inside.

EcarACCU flagship product from second-life batteries is EcarPOWER. These are trailers that can be rented to supply off-grid energy during events and festivals, for film productions, at construction sites and more. EcarPOWER provides a sustainable alternative to diesel aggregates and can be easily moved when towed by a regular car or van. Learn more on EcarPOWER by watching the video below (in Dutch, with ENG description available online).